Lorain County Commissioner, Michelle Hung

On the Issues

Dear Friends,

     Public service is about trust and following through on campaign promises by doing what you said you were going to do. In 2020, I promised you leadership and confidence with the support of police, fire, and labor—Support I still have today.

     In 2020, I promised to use my problem-solving skills to sponsor and pass legislation working together with my colleagues, to benefit the residents and ensure their health, safety and welfare and champion issues that are important to them. I delivered on those promises.

     In my first term as your Lorain County Commissioner, my work didn’t stop. I have completed meaningful initiatives for the residents, but there is still work to do. I followed through on my campaign promises and I humbly ask for your vote and your support in the March 19th, Republican primary.

 – Michelle Hung
   Lorain County Commissioner

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